Posted by: danwellsphoto | August 4, 2012

A real grab-bag

We’ve been incredibly fogged in these last few days – you don’t have any idea how hard it is to photograph fog until  you try… Still, I think I’ve gotten a quite few that show the concept of fog with a certain eloquence. There are also a few critters in here – an elegant GCA (Great, Common, American) Egret – the naming committee of the American Ornithologists’ Union keeps changing the name (presently, Great Egret is correct), a repeat appearance of our local precision flying team, the Point Reyes Brown Pelicans, a few Canada Geese (these are presumably not Canadian  Geese, unless they have migrated from a long way north of here!), a largish mystery sandpiper and a Turkey Vulture eyeing me (disturbing, given that his favorite food is carrion). I’ve also thrown in a bit of Andy Goldsworthy, except that I didn’t arrange the rocks, shells, etc… The sea did that on its own, perhaps with some help from a passing gull. Finally, there’s a natural history mystery in here-several pictures of a really odd object – guess what it is, what it’s used for, and where it came from (Marlee, no fair – you already know about the incident that caused this). Probably not too hard for the FNs and others with long-term interests in natural history – specimens of this DO show up in museums. I’m going to be impressed with others who figure it out.

These images are from Abbott’s Lagoon, my favorite birding spot, and from Palomarin Beach on the extreme south end of the park, down towards Bolinas. The trail to Palomarin Beach jumps off the Coast Trail at the north end of the beach, and many of these are several miles down the beach from that point.  Down at the far southern end of the beach, there are driftwood shelters, some of them occupied by rather odd (and occasionally rude) characters – I got the first negative comment about my disability I’ve faced in a month out here from a guy in one of these driftwood huts…




  1. Dan, Love your photos here, especially the close-ups, which have an abstract feel to them, somewhere between the natural and the surreal. Wonderful work! Cheers. Phil Jessup

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